Readers have reacted to today's announcement that Hertfordshire will enter a Tier 2 after the national lockdown ends. 

People will have to adhere to stricter rules, compared to the Tier 1 restrictions the county had been in before the England lockdown. 

From December 2, you will be unable to meet anyone you do not live with or who is not in your support bubble indoors. 

Pubs and bars will remain closed unless they are operating as restaurants. Restaurants must have last orders by 10pm and must close at 11pm. All non-essential shops, gyms, and salons can reopen.

Read about all the Tier 2 rules here

Responses from readers have been mixed. Here's a summary of how everyone reacted: 

1. How did we go from Tier 1, to lockdown, then to Tier 2??

Considering that the national lockdown was supposed to improve the situation, readers have been baffled as to why many areas in the country have been placed in stricter restrictions. Another Facebook user questioned what criteria was used to decide the tiers.

2. The rules are absurd and don't make sense

Several readers have pointed out how non-sensical it was to walk into shops and gyms but be unable to meet with a friend or family member at home.

3. People don't follow the rules anyway

Maria Richardson was cynical, suggesting the Tier 2 lockdown is unlikely to work because people don't follow the rules.

4. Not surprised

Several readers said they saw it coming, saying rule flouters and anti-maskers are to blame

5. Let's thank all the rule breakers

I think many people will agree with Adie Kitachi that if we all just followed the rules, things might improve. 

6. As long as shops and gyms are open...

The local lockdown will not be as stringent as the national lockdown, so non-essential shops, gyms and salons will be allowed to reopen - much to the relief of business owners and customers.

7. We should be thankful we're not in Tier 3

Reader Elizabeth Green tried to look at the bright side - at least we're not in Tier 3. She encouraged others to follow the rules, some sound advice.

8. We're sick of this pandemic

Who isn't tired of the endless lockdowns at this point?