A sheep farmer who laced baby jars with metal shards is among those who were jailed in October.

October also saw a former caretaker involved in a drug ring sentenced at St Alban's Crown Court.

We created a list of men who have been sentenced to time behind bars to highlight the work of both Hertfordshire Constabulary and the justice system in the county.

Here is the run down of men who are now behind bars.

Nigel Wright

Watford Observer:

Nigel Wright. Credit: Hertfordshire Constabulary

Wright, 45, from Lincolnshire, was jailed for 14 years for a cryptocurrency blackmail plot which saw him contaminate jars of Heinz baby food between May 2018 and February this year. Wright spiked the jars with broken-up blades of a craft knife and iron fillings.

He then sent dozens of letters and emails to the supermarket giant in a big to extort £1.4 million in bitcoin. An investigation by Hertfordshire Constabulary into Wright became the largest blackmail investigation ever conducted in the UK.

He was convicted of two counts of contaminating goods and three counts of blackmail for demanding cryptocurrency from Welwyn Garden City-based Tesco in exchange for revealing where the contaminated food had been placed by a jury at the Old Bailey in August.

Three men jailed for drug ring

Watford Observer:

Left to right: Philip Blacburn, Justin Terry, Martin Walsh (Photo: Hertfordshire Constabulary)

Three men were arrested in October after a drugs warrant was served at Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School in Elstree, following an investigation into a Hertfordshire drug network.

During the search, a kilo of cocaine was discovered at the school, and two kilos were seized at a hotel in the Wirral area where one of the men was staying, around £100,000 in cash was also recovered.

Justin Terry, 45, who is a former caretaker at the school, was among the three men who appeared at St Alban’s Crow Court in October. Terry pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 8 years for conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Martin Walsh, 54, from Churchsfield Road, Watford was sentenced to 8 years for conspiracy to supply Class A. Philip Blackburn, 38, from Mimas Road, Hemel Hempstead was also sentenced to 10 years and 2 months for conspiracy to supply class A.