A seven-year-old boy has been fundraising for a foodbank by running a mile every day throughout lockdown.

Finley Dye, from North Watford, decided he would run 28 miles, which is over the length of a marathon, in order to raise money for Watford Foodbank.

Finley has been running a mile each day since the start of the second national lockdown. His father, Matthew, said he wanted to take on the challenge after watching news reports of families who are struggling to feed themselves during the pandemic.

As a result of his fundraising efforts Finley has managed to raise £800.

Matthew said: "There has been hardships for people everywhere and there are children who can't afford to eat due to the coronavirus pandemic. He is only seven and he has never seen this before and we had to explain to him that we're lucky and that some people are not.

"He assumed that everyone could afford to eat and he wanted to help children in need. I was so proud that he thought about other people, it is amazing that he has that mindset at a young age."

He said that Finley has really enjoyed taking up running and said he hopes to carry on fundraising in the future."

He added: "His school has also been really supportive and he has also been running with friends at a social distance and they've been really inspired but what Finley has done."

To donate go to https://justgiving.com/fundraising/finleydye.