A temporary coronavirus test centre is currently being built in a car park.

Watford Borough Council says the new walk though centre is being constructed on the King George V playing fields carpark in Chaffinch Lane, Watford.

It means people will not be able to park there from today (Wednesday) until Friday, December 4, which is when the new centre is set to open.

A limited number of parking spaces will then be available again for people getting tests or accessing the playing fields.

For those wanting to park near the playfields over the next few days, limited drop off space is available at the nearby Holywell Community Centre.

Information on how to get a test at the new centre will be released in due course by the council.

This centre is different to the pop-up centre at Watford town hall, which is in operation at least two days a week.

That test centre can only be visited by people travelling in a car.

This new testing centre in west Watford will also ease pressure on the town hall testing centre, which has reportedly been very busy over the last few weeks.