Thames Water and the council is working to find a solution for a community that has been struck with continous floods and sewage issues.

Several storms battered England this year causing flooding across the country but Strom Alex saw people in Rickmansworth trapped in their homes while flood and sewage water covered the streets around Stockers Farm Road and Harefield Road.

The flood broke out on October 3 but it wasn't fully cleared until around midnight on October 4. But this was a breaking point for people living in the area as it was the second major flood to hit their streets this year - the first being in February.

Liam FitzPatrick, launched a petition for Thames Water and Hertfordshire County Council to liaise on the issue, which garnered 800 signatures from residents within 10 days.

Watford Observer:

Credit: Ashok Patni

Mr FitzPatrick spoke to the Watford Observer back in October and estimated that around 40 homes had people "trapped" inside due to the flood and explained that it would have affected a residential care home and other vulnerable people within the area.

He said that once the water itself was cleared, brown sludge had remained on the pavements, which was eventually washed away by rain, but meant children going St Mary's CofE Primary School were forced to tread through dirty roads.

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The outcry prompted Three Rivers District Council to pass a motion last month, put forward by Cllr Paula Hiscocks, that will see the council work with Thames Water on the issue. Cllr Hiscocks said she put forward the motion because "proactive action" needs to be taken on the issue.

A council spokesperson said: "Three Rivers is in discussion with Thames Water from an environmental health perspective as we are obviously keen for this matter to be resolved as soon as possible".

Watford Observer:

Sewage water was found in some areas. Credit: Sue Stimpson

The Observer has seen a letter from Thames Water sent out to residents apologising for the delay in its response to the flooding and said they're carrying out an investigation into the capacity of its sewer network and pumping station in the area, in order to understand the main causes of flooding.

Hertfordshire County Council is also working with the district council and Thames Water "to find a long-term solution".

A spokesperson added: "Unfortunately this is a complicated issue and something we can’t fix quickly, however we would like to assure residents that we are working to improve the situation."

Mr FitzPatrick said he is "very optimistic" that a solution to the flooding issues will be found.

Watford Observer:

He added: "This is a perennial problem that has plagued the area for years. I am very optimistic that we're being listened to and we're hopeful we will get a solution to the problem.

"Local people feel that this is a turn around and welcomes the moves to finally address the issue."