Friends of a driver cleared over her part in an M1 crash that killer her friend have posted videos to social media of her celebrating with champagne.

Christalla Amphlett, now 22, has been filmed celebrating with friends after a jury found her not guilty of causing the death of her friend Chloe Palmer, 19.

Ms Amphlett was 19 when she was involved in a crash that killed her friend when she stopped on the hard shoulder to row over petrol money.

In the Snapchat video, reported by the Sun, Ms Amphlett pumped her fists in the air while sitting in the back of a car as a friend said she was 'so proud'.

In another clip a friend sprayed champagne over Ms Amphlett as she stood outside her home with friends.

A close friend of Ms Palmer told The Sun Online the clips were an 'insult'.

They said: "Christalla could have celebrated behind closed doors.

"Anyone would have thought she'd won the lottery. It's absolutely disgusting."

In the early hours of November 25, 2017 Ms Amphlett stopped her Renault Twingo on the motorway, just south of Junction 6 at Bricket Wood in Hertfordshire, after a 17-minute-long argument broke out.

The car, which had stopped for a second time, was then hit by an Isuzu D-Max driven by Bradley Lane, who careered into the back of the vehicle.

Ms Palmer, the rear off-side passenger, suffered a severe brain injury and died days later. Maisie O'Flynn, who was on the back seat nearside seat next to Chloe, received serious injuries, but survived the crash.

Keziah Knight, who had been the front seat passenger, was out of the car and sitting on the metal safety barrier.

Ms Amphlett herself was treated for a bleed on the brain, a broken jaw and broken neck.

Prosecutor Wayne Cleaver said it was likely Lane had fallen asleep at the wheel of his vehicle. He said he had earlier pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Amphlett pleaded not guilty to causing the death by dangerous driving of Ms Palmer. Yesterday, she stood in the jury box with her hands crossed over her chest and cried as the jury found her not guilty.