Christmas Eve is fast approaching, and while this year's celebrations will have a different look, we still can't help but be excited.

After such a hard year, we are all looking forward to a bit of a break over the holidays – but should retail workers be given more time off?

Christmas Eve marks the start of the seasonal celebration, but unfortunately is not classed as a bank holiday.

After a stressful and strange year, we asked readers whether they felt shops should be closed from Christmas Eve to after Boxing Day so staff can spend time with their families.

Most sympathised with staff and agreed it would be a good idea.

Reader, Linda Metcalf said: "Yes, give the workers a little break the food etc can be bought before Christmas eve there's not going to be anything that desperate that people need over three days.

"Let the workers be with their families then all hell can resume after boxing day!"

Cristina Constantina agreed: "It’s a national holiday, everybody should have the chance to be with their family", she said.

Nicola Blyth also felt staff should be given more time with their families. "Yes!", she said. "It's not fair if staff are given no choice but to work if they are a single parent family and have young children at home! They should be given the choice as to whether they would like family time."

However, Jo Allan raised the point that the coronavirus pandemic had damaged the economy badly and shops needed to be open to recover.

Jo said: "A lot of shops have been shut for the last four weeks so may need the trade. It’s only the “essential” retailers that have given staff extra days off as they’ve had their money’s worth over the last four weeks!"

Julianne Dowling raised the issue of staff needing the hours and money. She said: "Lots are on zero contact hours so working over Christmas would be a good thing for them."

Adrian Green approached the subject from a similar angle. "I'd like to say yes but it will only work for the staff if the shops can afford to pay it as additional holiday, as Wickes will be", he said.

While reader Lucy Adelle Penning felt staff knew what they were in for. She said: "No offence but shops advertise for Christmas staff so if people have applied for the job then they know they are to work over the Christmas period that was their choice... also many people have been out of work so will need these extra hours to survive!"