A woman is calling for more CCTV after being sexually assaulted and the target of indecent exposure in the space of just a few days.

Beth Rosewall, from Bushey, says the two separate incidents on two mornings in September left her feeling unsafe - and that she knows others who feel the same way.

The first occurred on September 8 around 6.50am, when she was walking through Oxhey Park before being approached by a man who exposed himself to her. He did not touch her at any point.

The suspect then ran off towards the retail park. Police described him as white, 5ft 11ins tall, aged in his 30s with dark hair. He was wearing an all-blue coloured tracksuit with the hood up.

The second incident occurred on the cycle path in Riverside Recreation Ground, off Riverside Road, at 7.20am on Friday, September 11.

Ms Rosewall, 22, had been walking when she was approached by a man who grabbed at her trousers and sexually assaulted her.

Police described the attacker as white, aged in his 30s and 5ft 11in tall. He had dark hair and was wearing navy tracksuit bottoms and a grey hoody, with the hood up.

Hertfordshire Constabulary says it has carried out “extensive enquiries” into both incidents, although no arrests have been made.

Ms Rosewall, who has waived her rights to anonymity as the victim of a sexual assault, has started a campaign calling for CCTV to make the areas safer.

She believes cameras at the entrances to Oxhey Park, Riverside Recreation Ground and Ebury Way will deter potential attackers.

She said the incidents left her feeling vulnerable and she has received support from people “who have said they feel just as unsafe in those areas”.

Ms Rosewall said: “I think installing more CCTV will have massive benefits in enhancing safety and people feeling safe and secure in their beloved park.

“I just want that sense of safety and security back which I have lost because of what happened to me and I think that could have been prevented.

“I think if people knew CCTV cameras were there and everyone knew it was an area that was seen and watched it will make such a difference.”

She is set to speak at a Watford Borough Council meeting in January to discuss implementing more CCTV.

Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “Safety is really important for residents and the council. CCTV plays an important part in keeping people protected. Currently there are two CCTV cameras in Oxhey linked to the control room in the centre of Watford, which both cover Oxhey Activity Park.

“There is also CCTV inside and outside the café building as well. The petitioner has been in contact with us about installing further CCTV in the Oxhey area and she has been invited to speak at the full council meeting in January when all councillors are present and she can put forward her request.”

Detective Inspector Jason Finnegan, head of the Watford Local Crime Unit, said: “The team has carried out extensive enquiries into both of these offences since they were reported to police. A review of CCTV is just one element of those enquiries, and footage from cameras in the vicinity of the offences was reviewed as part of the investigation.

“We took statements from the victim and reviewed the circumstances against other similar cases from other areas of the county, which at the time did provide us with a person of interest. However on further investigation they were later discounted from the inquiry.

“I have personally reviewed all similar offence arrests across Hertfordshire within an appropriate timescale, but we have been unable to identify a suspect based on the information and evidence we currently have.

“We have exhausted all lines of enquiry to date and have shared this outcome with the victim, who has been fully updated throughout the investigation. We understand that she has suffered a terrible ordeal and have ensured that she has been referred to Beacon, our victim support service.

“We would always review and record any new information that is shared with us – or that comes to our attention through other means – on this or any other case. A crime is never considered closed until it is solved and we always keep an open mind.”