A man who believed that slimming clubs were just for women managed to find his self-confidence over lockdown during his weight loss programme.

Charles Porter, who joined a local Watford Slimming World group, reached his target weight loss of 6st during the course of the first Covid-19 lockdown.

While Mr Porter had longed to lose some weight, he always considered that groups like Slimming World were catered to just women, and felt uncertain about joining the group.

Speaking on his journey, he said: “I was very apprehensive about joining. Once I joined, I realised that my fears were unfounded. "My thoughts of Slimming World now is that it is a positive group for men and women alike. The group is marvellous, and everyone is made to feel welcome."

In the past, Mr Porter relied on tablets for his high blood pressure and also faced sleeping difficulties due to his reflux.

And while the pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty and stress over the last year, Mr Porter managed to win back his self-confidence as he lost 6st, no longer requires the tablets, and can do activities he never could before.