The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in Watford has several long-stay residents – dogs, cats and rabbits - hoping to find their forever homes this year.

All dogs and cats from the NAWT are medically checked by a vet; vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and neutered; given an individual training plan and four free weeks of Petplan insurance.

Scroll through this page and if you can give any of these animals a loving home, email or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2) to arrange a visit:

Fudge the dog

Watford Observer: FudgeFudge

Hello, I’m Fudge. I’m six-years-old and came to the NAWT four years ago when I reacted grumpily to a child.

I’m a playful and affectionate boy but can sometimes get upset so I need an experienced owner who’ll be patient and understanding of my needs.

My dream home would be quiet with a nice big garden to explore and play in and quiet country walks nearby once I settle in. I could live with a couple of adults who adore me, but not children, other pets or visitors.

Having been in kennels for nearly four years, I find change difficult so would like to have my own safe space to go to whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed. My new humans would need to understand that it will take me a while to settle in and my behaviour may take a few steps backwards when I first arrive but all my carers here say I’m really worth getting to know.

Rafiki the dog

Watford Observer: RafikiRafiki

Hi, I’m Rafiki and I’m six-years-old. I came to the trust as an ex-racing greyhound almost four years ago and am still patiently hoping for a home of my own.

I can be nervous of some new situations, people and dogs, so I’d love an owner who has lots of time to spend with me and to help me be less worried about the world. I am very affectionate and love human company and attention.

I am named after the much-loved character in Lion King. Did you know that ‘Rafiki’ translates as ‘friend’? Will you be my new friend?

I like to play with my toys and squeaky toys and tennis balls to chase are my favourite. I like to carry my toys around with me and to show them off to you. I walk nicely on a lead too.

I’m looking for an experienced owner and a cat-free home with adults or families who have children aged at least 12. I would prefer to be the only dog in the home, at least while settling in.

Nigel the dog

Watford Observer: NigelNigel

Hello, my name’s Nigel and I’m a strong four-year-old American Bulldog Cross. I came to the NAWT in September when my owner’s circumstances changed.

I’m an energetic boy who just wants to be around people so I’m looking for a home where my human is around most of the time.

My favourite thing is to play with toys – especially the football. I’m a boisterous lad so I’ll need an experienced owner who understands big breeds and will show me how to play politely. I love food and have a talent for catching treats.

I’m a smart dog who needs plenty of mental stimulation and am doing well with my reward-based training here at the NAWT. I already know ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘paw’ but I’m still learning, so need an owner who’ll continue my training and reward me for keeping ‘four-paws-on-the-floor’.

I’m looking for a home with adults or families with children aged 16 and over. Ideally, one with a secure garden and not many visitors as I can be wary of new people. I’ll need to be your only pet so I don’t have to share your attention.

Chopper the dog

Watford Observer: Mr ChopsMr Chops

Hello, my name is Chopper but close friends call me Mister Chops. Can you believe I’ve only just turned a year old? I was brought to the NAWT in July last year when my owner’s circumstances changed.

As a big pup, I can be a handful so am looking for somebody active who’s owned a young, energetic large breed before. They’ll need to enjoy using positive reward-based training methods because that’s what I respond to the best. I’m young so still have a lot to learn. I’m a clever boy who picks things up quickly and a tasty snack or fun toy usually gets my attention.

I need a quiet, adult-only home where I’m the only pet. My human will need to provide me with plenty of mental and physical stimulation, like puzzles and obedience training. The trainer here says I’ll need a large garden as I love to run around and my owner will have space to continue my training without too many distractions. My new human will need to be home most of the day to keep me company.

I’m being trained to wear a muzzle for trips to the vet and socialisation with other dogs but still need to work on my loose lead walking and keeping four paws on the floor to greet people politely.

Pippin the cat

Watford Observer: PippinPippin

Hi, my name is Pippin and I am a cute two-year-old girl. I was brought to the centre this year when my owner moved and sadly could not take me with them.

I can be a little shy to begin with but I will come over and say hello. Once I have sussed you out I love human attention and really enjoy being stroked. I’m not used to being left for long periods of time so I will need an owner who is home most of the day to keep me company.

I am looking for a quiet home with adults or families with children aged 14 or over, and I will need to be the only pet in the home. Once I have settled into my new home I will need access to the outdoors so that I can explore.

Dillon the cat

Watford Observer: DillonDillon

Hello, my name is Dillon and I’m a beautiful ten-year-old girl looking for my forever home. I came to the trust in November when I didn’t get on with my family’s new puppy.

I’m a very friendly girl who likes to greet the staff from my chair with a happy meow. Although I’m not keen on being picked up, I love attention and will let you know I’m enjoying it by purring loudly. I quite like a groom with a soft brush but mainly at the front of my body. I don’t play with toys much but the staff have said they sometimes see me patting a fishing rod toy when I’m on my own.

I have a mild (grade 2) heart murmur, which our vet team is happy to discuss. This is a common condition, even in healthy cats, and many never experience any problems but lead long, happy and healthy lives.

I’m looking for a quiet home with families with children aged 10 years and over. I’d like to be the only pet in the home, so I can have all your attention to myself. Once I’ve settled in, I’d like to have access to the outside so I can explore.

Mary and Moley the guinea pigs

Watford Observer: Mary and MoleyMary and Moley

Hello, my name’s Mary and this is my boyfriend Moley. We’re two-year-old guinea pigs looking for a home together. We came to the National Animal Welfare Trust in November when our owner’s circumstances changed.

We can be a little shy to begin with but, once we get to know you, we’re a very sweet and cuddly pair. We’re very chatty and will greet our carers every morning and squeak for our breakfast. We love all veg but kale is our favourite. We also like to chew on apple branches. As we don’t produce Vitamin C by ourselves, we do need fresh veggies morning and night.

Unfortunately, neither of us is the picture of perfect health, each having different health issues. I have ovarian cysts and Moley has cataracts in one of his eyes, but it doesn’t stop us from being our friendly, playful selves.

We guinea pigs make very popular first pets as we’re usually happier to be handled than other small animals and live, on average, four to eight years. Another plus is we’re awake during the day when you are.

We’re looking for a home with adults or families with children of any age. We will need to be indoor guinea pigs and could possibly join an existing herd of females, if introduced carefully, but we must go together.

Jack the rabbit

Watford Observer: JackJack

Hello, my name is Jack and I am a gorgeous one-year-old chap looking for my forever home. I was brought into the centre as my owner had a change in circumstances.

When first approached I may run away, but I am a friendly boy and will come back to say hello. I enjoy being stroked and as long as I have had a fuss before, I do not mind being picked up. To relax, I like to be groomed with a soft brush, I enjoy any opportunity to be around people.

I am looking for a home with adults or families with children of any age but the adults must do most the handling. I will need to live with a neutered female bunny who is a similar size and age as me. I have previously lived indoors and I am not keen on being outside but in the warmer months, I would like access to a run in the garden.

Skippy the rabbit

Watford Observer: SkippySkippy

Hello, my name is Skippy and I am a sweet four-year-old boy.

I’m friendly but can be nervous and may run away when you approach me. I’m not used to being handled and my fur is so long it may have been a little uncomfortable for me to be stroked as it can get quite knotted. I need to be groomed daily but I am a good boy and sit patiently whilst the humans brush me.

I am a house rabbit and will need to live indoors. I am looking for a home with a neutered female rabbit of a similar size and age to me. I can live with adults or families with children of any age but the adults must do the handling.