I think we can all agree Clarendon Road and Watford Junction is looking smart following its expensive makeover. However what I would like to know as a commuter who cycles to Watford Junction is where will bikes be left when we all start returning to work in London?

The bike racks at the front of the station have all been removed and this is by a council that says it wants to encourage more people to cycle.

I commute every day and always struggled to find a rack when there were lots outside the station so what will happen now?

There is a small bike rack to the right of the station, before the bridge, but that is always overflowing and there is another larger one up the alley by the tracks but I recently left my and my son’s bike there (worth £700) and when we came back for them they had been stolen. Despite leaving them in a station bike rack under a camera, the police have since advised that the cameras are not working - they are just there as a deterrent. Not much of a deterrent - and the racks are so out of public sight, that theft is easy. The thieves or thief cut our locks but could not remove the wheels so had to carry our bikes away and still none of this was on a camera. I will not be leaving my bike there again so the question is, where can I leave my bike now?

I just wondered what other commuters who leave their bikes at the station think? I really wonder who approves these plans - obviously not cyclists.

Wendy Crowder

by email