There are few methods of travel that evoke such sentimental emotions like steam trains.

They continue to provide a source of enjoyment for so many people, providing days out or longer holidays through the countryside or tourist areas in more normal times, but until the 1970s they remained a regular feature on railways across this country.

Memories of the age of steam have been rekindled by Tony O’Neill, a member of the Watford Observer’s nostalgia Facebook group ‘We grew up in Watford’, who shared this picture of the steam shed at Watford Junction.

He wrote: “Fishburn Ink can be seen in the background. The photo was taken from platform 10.”

Steve Harding responded: “I remember it well from my childhood days. On a smaller scale I now live about a mile from the engine shed of the Swanage Steam Railway and often get that wonderful scent of steam engines.”

Tom Joiner said: “I remember train spotting on the path near the St Albans Road bridge. We would have our books with all the train numbers in and underline the train numbers when they went past.

“I remember a tree that was climbed and a small boy would shout down to say the signals had been pegged, meaning the signal was up. I couldn't have been very old and it’s not something you would let young children do today.

“We could see the sheds from the footpath and I can still recall the smell of the engines. Oh what great memories.

“As I got a little older I bought platform tickets and that was amazing as the steam trains came through.”

Dave Benton asked: “If that is from Platform 10, what is there now?”

Mr O’Neill responded: "It is actually the old platform 11.

“Platforms 10/11 were cut short in the late 1970s to allow the expansion of the car park into part of the old yard.

“A new platform 11 was built on what would have been part of the old yard.

“Today platform 10 is used for terminating services from Euston and Clapham Junction.

"The old platform 11 is still there, but has had its track lifted.

“A point of interest is that the old platform 11 is the only platform with its original buildings, since the rebuilding of Watford Junction in the mid 1980s.”

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