An event aimed at providing young people with an opportunity to speak with senior business figures in a way that hasn't been accessible before will be taking place next month.

Watford Chamber of Commerce, alongside Watford Borough Council and Camelot, is hosting Generation Watford on Tuesday, March 9, a new virtual event that will connect school students with employers in the area.

The goal is to let businesses see the power of what young people are capable of first-hand and ahead of the event some of the business that will be involved, ranging from Warner Bros. to West Herts College, have passed on some of the key advice they have for young people.

Gill Worger, principal and chief executive at West Herts College: "Stick to your hopes and dreams, and don’t let anything get in the way."

Rachel Parsons, director of publicity and  communications at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden, said: "Always keep an open mind about the different opportunities out there, be proactive, and if things go wrong keep trying and trying, there is always a job out there for you".

Syd Nadim, executive chairman and founder of Clock explained: "Confidence is like a muscle.

"You should flex it regularly and put yourself out of your comfort zone whenever you get the chance. Try stuff out, it’s usually not as bad or difficult as you think. And eventually, you’ll have the confidence to hold yourself in any situation".

Sharon Shapiro, founder and director of Brolly Marketing added: "Be proactive and be yourself. Your selling point is who you are, because there’s only one of you."

Young people collaborating.

Young people collaborating.

While Generation Watford will be beneficial for young people, it will also help the businesses taking part. They will have a platform to advertise new and upcoming vacancies and opportunities. And, they'll get an insight into the next generation.

Rachel said: "Not many people are aware of the breadth of the Warner Bros. business. Generation Watford will give us a great chance to express our many and varied opportunities that are available to young people.

"Being a part of the Chamber is a really good way to make connections. I love that the focus on charities and volunteering is prominent. It's a great community to be a part of."

Whilst Warner Bros. is a globally known corporation, there will be independent businesses involved too. That, in itself, will be a big plus for the students attending the event as they will be able to speak with the owners themselves and learn first hand what is involved.

Watford Observer:

Some of the organisations and businesses involved in Generation Watford

Syd said: "As a local businessman who values the community and wants to be involved, it’s the obvious choice to be a part of this. I think the Kickstarter initiative has been an excellent example of how the Chamber can help and also leads the way."

Asked why it's important for young people to get involved, Syd responded: "From an employer’s perspective, I want to meet students with a bit of get up and go.

"Networking isn’t just about what you can get out of it. It’s good to give back regularly”

Sharon added: “Being a part of the Chamber allows me to grow my network with countless businesses and individuals. Generation Watford will extend that to young people, something which I feel is vital when they begin to think about their careers.

“Young people are very capable and intuitive. They just need to know the right steps to take, and events like Generation Watford will help them figure that out."

The virtual event will take place on March 9

The virtual event will take place on March 9

Businesses are key in this event, but the West Herts College principal is a big advocate for Generation Watford and the impact it will have on her students.

Gill said: "The college has been a member of the chamber for many, many years. It is important to be connected to a community, and the Chamber helps us achieve that.

"Generation Watford brings education and businesses together, which is crucial. It enables businesses to meet young people, hear their ideas, and see what’s behind the CV”.

To register to get involved in Generation Watford, visit