Hairdressers may remain shut until April, according to reports.

Boris Johnson is expected to outline the roadmap out of lockdown restrictions on Monday, when he will set out potential dates for some businesses to welcome back customers.

The hair and beauty sector has been one of the worst hit industries since the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year and as we approach nearly three months since people were last allowed to visit their local hairdresser, lockdown hairstyles are becoming out of control.

Many people are anxiously awaiting news on when their local barber or salon could open back up.

The Telegraph reports that the government is looking to implement a ‘three stage plan’, which could see non-essential retail reopen in April after the potential reopening of schools in March.

And hairdressers, beauty salons and personal care services will likely fall under the non-essential retail category, the Telegraph said, meaning an April reopening might happen.

But whether restrictions can be eased will depend on data including infection rates, death rates and how the vaccine rollout for vulnerable people is progressing.

What has the government said?

From getting children back at their desks to reopening pubs, speculation is rife as to how lockdown restrictions might be eased.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government “absolutely” wants the current lockdown to be the last.

He told BBC Breakfast that he wants to ensure measures are eased “carefully and cautiously”.

He said: “Having a sustainable exit, so lifting the measures in such a way that can be sustainable and we don’t have to have another lockdown, that is obviously an important part of our considerations.

“For me, making sure that as we lift measures, we do so carefully and cautiously to make sure that we don’t have to put them on again, that is at the core of the judgment we have to make.”

Mr Johnson said he will set out dates “if we possibly can”, explaining they will likely be target dates “by which we hope to do something at the earliest”.