Watford General Hospital received 200 care packages from a charitable 8-year-old boy.

Archie Little, 8, ran 25 miles in seven days to not only keep himself occupied during lockdown, but to also help out hardworking NHS staff.

After beginning the fundraiser from January 12, £570 to support the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS trust with requested essentials for NHS workers.

His mother Jenna Hayford said: “He (Archie) is a very giving child, every time we go out when he sees a homeless person, he always wants to give them money, or buy them something to eat.

“Watford are obviously very overworked at the moment and I know they are crying out for bits and bobs, so I thought it would be nice to give them something seeing as they’re giving to the public.”

Watford Observer: Archie Little funded 200 care packagesArchie Little funded 200 care packages

Archie suggested he could run for charity after realising he was bored at home due to lockdown, and under his mother’s guidance the fundraiser started.

Along with the 200 care packages, Archie was also able to fund 20 bottles of squash for staff members.

Watford Observer: Archie at the end of his runArchie at the end of his run

Talking about her reaction to Archie’s idea, she said: “I’m very proud of him that he wanted to help others and not just be for himself. I couldn’t be more proud of him, he’s a bit of a naughty child, so for him to go out and do something like that was really brilliant.”