Plans to build a 5G phone mast that were heavily criticised by neighbours have not been given approval by a council. 

An application had been submitted to Hertsmere Borough Council to build the mast at the junction of James Close and Aldenham Road in Bushey to provide improved network coverage for Vodafone in the area.

The site is currently host to a 15-metre-high street lamp – under the proposals this would have been replaced with a 17.5-metre phone mast as well as three cabinets.

The taller pole would have catered for all the data speeds as well as rolling out new 5G connectivity.

But neighbours had criticised the proposed 5G mast as an “eyesore” for the local area while they were also worried the cabinets could provide a visual barrier for residents coming in and out of James Close and onto Aldenham Road.

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Cornerstone, who manage planning applications for major UK telecommunication operators, previously said “the site has been designed to fit in with the local street scene with the cabinets placed to the back of the verge to ensure no views of the road are obstructed”.

But prior approval for the planning application was refused by the council, which said the mast would introduce an “intrusive and unsightly collection of structures to the street scene which would detract from the appearance and character of the area”.

Prior approval means that specified elements of the development must be deemed acceptable before work can proceed.

Bushey St James Ward councillor Harry Mortimer said he called in the application after concerned residents got in touch over the plans.

The Conservative councillor said: “I am glad the Councils Planning Team have dismissed this application on grounds of harm to the visual amenity, it has put a lot of residents at rest and given them confidence in the Councils operation, this would have ended up at the Planning Committee where I was due to highlight the growing concerns within the community."

Paul Richards, Liberal Democrat councillor for Bushey North, was also against the plans and called for them to be rejected.

While not against "improved" mobile infrastructure, Cllr Richards agreed with residents' concerns that the plans were "out of character" with the area and that there are potential road safety concerns.

Cllr Richards said it was a "huge relief" that prior approval for the application was rejected.

To find out more about the application click here. The reference number is 21/0115/PD56O.