Watford could be in high demand for more drive-thrus, research suggests.

In fact, Google search data analysed by Pentagon Motor Group shows people searched online for drive-thrus in Watford more than any other town or city in the UK.

The data of Google searches between February 2020 and 2021 were analysed and adjusted by population size to determine which areas in the UK were eager to locate local drive-thrus.

While there appears to be a high search rate for drive-thrus in Watford, there are fairly limited options in the area.

Both the Hertfordshire Arms and Garston McDonald’s feature drive-thrus, as well as the McDonald’s in Bushey. The Costa in the Watford Arches retail park also has one.

But the data also shows that out of all people in the UK searching for KFC drive-thrus, most searches were for one in Watford – despite neither Watford branches featuring a drive-thru.

More than 11 million searches were made for options in the UK, and McDonald’s appeared to be the most popular drive-thru search.

Jonathan Lingham, marketing director at Pentagon Motor Group said: “With dine-in cafes and restaurants still closed, drive-thrus have gone beyond being a convenience and a comfort to become a lifeline for fast food fans and coffee lovers across the country. With that in mind, and to settle an internal debate that has been raging since the latest lockdown started, we were intrigued to find out whether Maccy D’s is still the nations favourite.

“We also salute Watford as the new drive-thru capital of the UK – fast food, coffee and cars is clearly a dream combination for them and we look forward to taking a drive down there to check out the best drive-thru hotspots when we’re allowed to again!"

Bournemouth had the second most searches, just after Watford.