The new name for Watford's shopping centre was revealed at long last this morning - but judging by shoppers' reactions, it wasn't worth the wait. 

The town's indoor shopping shopping centre, formerly known as intu Watford, will now be called Atria Watford following a takeover last year.

But it's fair to say the new name hasn't proved popular with Watford's residents with many disappointed to see it hasn't been renamed 'The Harlequin'.

A lot of shoppers have never stopped calling the shopping centre The Harlequin since it changed name in 2013, and polls and engagement with readers suggested people wanted the name back after intu fell into administration last summer. 

Watford Observer: The new Atria Watford logoThe new Atria Watford logo

Dozens of comments have been left on the Observer's and Atria's social media pages questioning why the centre had not been renamed The Harlequin.

Many have been less than complimentary about the final name that has been selected. 

Some people believe the new name does not even sound like a shopping centre, with one reader, Mark Walker, feeling it sounds like a "car air freshener".

Nick Parker added that he felt the Atria name sounded like an "Indian curry dish", while reader Kar Ma felt the new logo looked like that of Arriva buses.

Others likened the new name on Atria's own page to a "medical condition".

Watford Observer:

Writing on Facebook, Sue Barker said: "Harlequin is its real name...and always shall be no matter how much it cost them to rename it. That shows that the Watford people are never listened to. Why am I not surprised?”

Michelle Anne Fox added: "People will still say they are going to the Harlequin, no one will say they are going to Atria it sounds more like a nightclub, I’m sure the majority of Watford residents would want it to be called the Harlequin again."

Chloe Nunes said: "It’s rubbish... it’s the Harlequin and that’s pretty simple.. I love how they listened to the public about the fact, us the people wanted it to be The Harlequin again."

Watford Observer:

Reactions to the Atria name on the Watford Observer Facebook page

Laura Wallington added: "Name it all you want it’ll always be the Harlequin."

Donna Jones agreed, saying: "I will still call it the Harlequin and when I talk of it everyone knows what and where I mean."

But not everyone was critical.

Sarah Crowshaw wrote: "Well done Atria Watford, I really like the name. It's a brave and bold move to not call it The Harlequin but I think it's right as this is a very different shopping centre now and unrecognisable from the past.

"When I was a teenager, The Harlequin was what I grew up to know but now my kids will grow up with Atria. Good luck and looking forward to coming back to shop."

Atria says its "bold new name" is testament to the centre’s iconic "atrium" skylights that run the length of the shopping and leisure destination and opens out into the glass-ceiling extension.

Steve Gray, head of European retail asset management at Global Mutual, defended the decision to rename Watford’s shopping mall as Atria Watford.

He said: "After careful consideration, we believe the centre needs a fresh start under new ownership that reflects the exciting future ambitions for Atria Watford.

"We remain incredibly respectful towards the sentiment The Harlequin holds in Watford, which has helped shape the strong community values the centre has today."