Fitness coach Joe Wicks has praised a Year Five pupil for his detailed homework addressed to the star.

Freddie Arnold, a Year 5 pupil from Woodhall School in South Oxhey, decided to pen a letter to Joe Wicks during his remote learning experience over the course of lockdown.

The homework task was to write a letter persuading someone to use Fairtrade products.

Freddie chose to write to Joe Wicks, who grew increasingly popular since the start of the pandemic as people turned to home exercises, asking him to use Fairtrade products in his cookbooks and recipes.

Watford Observer: Freddie Arnold with his letterFreddie Arnold with his letter

His letter explained clearly what Fairtrade meant and its importance to all farmers in developing countries – particularly with women and children.

His mother Sam was so impressed with his piece of work, that she sent over a copy of the letter to ‘TheBodyCoach’ on Instagram so that Joe Wicks could see the letter.

And Mr Wicks appeared to be equally impressed by the letter, as he responded with a voice note calling Freddie a “little legend”.

In the voice note he said: “Hello Freddie, you little legend. Love the letter, also love that you wrote ’22 Fitness Lane,’ that is probably where I live actually.

“Very well written, I actually learnt from that – I didn’t realise that’s what Fair Trade meant so that’s fantastic – hope you got good marks in your piece of coursework there. And thank you for thinking of me and including me, have a great day and all the best to you and your family.”

Watford Observer: The letter sent to Joe WicksThe letter sent to Joe Wicks

In response his mother said: "Freddie was absolutely delighted to have received a reply from Joe. As the nation's fitness hero, Freddie has joined in with many of his workouts at home during lockdown whilst being unable to participate in his weekly football and swimming.

“As parents, not only would we like to thank Joe for taking the time to brighten Freddie's lockdown but also to Woodhall for their amazing support throughout this whole pandemic.”

Michelle Lake, the headteacher at Woodhall School said: "At Woodhall, we've worked really hard to provide an engaging and varied home-learning experience for our brilliant children and their families. Freddie's letter is a great example of writing for a purpose - and how fantastic that Joe Wicks took the time to respond so personally.

“We're really proud of all of the children. What a fantastic way to recognise their success! If you would like to find out more about what our school has to offer, please check out our website