"Making wine is like having children; you love them all, but boy, are they different."

Bunny Finkelstein ( co-owner of Judd’s Hill Winery)

By 'eck, can the end really be in sight? Will hugging a friend be possible without the threat of special forces abseiling from your rooftop? Touch wood, in fact touch a bloody forest folks because I for one need human company again.

Tasting wines alone, especially in my new role last year as a national wine judge was fun for a short while but now I yearn for company more than cheese. Perhaps we should do a wine and friends pairing column instead of food!

Anyway, on the off chance that the end of lockdown is in sight, we should look at the ideal wines to enjoy on the patio and that mean finding wines with a good deal of fruit, acidity and forgiveness. Why the latter? Well, unless you’re a Michelin star chef, I'm guessing you offer patio friends crisps, chips, dips or burnt barbie foods and your choice of wine needs to cope with it all.

Gerard Richardson is a wine columnist for Newsquest

Gerard Richardson is a wine columnist for Newsquest

My top three patio styles are chardonnay, Riesling and the rosés of Provence with the New Zealand sauvignons and South African chenins waiting in the fridge. The chardonnays I prefer are the rich buttery ones matured or fermented in oak barrels but many of the unoaked ones from Australia are on my summer list these days. For Riesling, my preference is still the Mosel valley but New Zealand is popping out some absolute corkers this last few years with the same waxy style but more of the refreshing, eye popping Lime fruits that I adore.

The rosés of Provence are still new on my list of wine loves to be honest as I only really fell in love with them over the last few years but I'm catching up as fast as I can. My rosé list is currently topped by the fabulous Whispering Angel and Hampton Water, the latter of which is co-produced by rock star Jon Bon Jovi and French wine genius Gerard Bertrand, but there are so many crackers to choose from.

Anyway, whether its just drink or food and drink, it’s time to stock the fridge up folks and here are a few that I've enjoyed practising on recently.

Louis Latour Macon Lungy, France

Proof that patio wines can be classy! Lovely floral nose with soft peach and honey flavours on the palate. The finish is crisp and refreshing. It’s flexible enough to enjoy on its own but if you have the Barbeque out, this one deserves pairing with a few shrimp.

Majestic Wines £12.99 mix six

Sellador en Provence Rose

Sellador en Provence Rose

Sellador en Provence Rose

I've got to admit, I was attracted to this by the bottle but by heck, the liquid inside is just as appealing. Fresh summer fruits on the nose with crushed raspberries on the palate. Simply divine

Tanners £16.99

The Falls Riesling, Canada

I haven't been inspired by Aldis selections recently but this one caught my eye. A crisp Canadian Riesling for under a tenner,,,, wow! Crisp citrus flavours and a lemony finish.

Aldi online £9.99