The history of this pub dates back more than 150 years when it opened in what was described as a "very rising neighbourhood" in Watford.

The Watford Observer has again teamed up with the Watford Museum and is delighted to showcase some pictures from its archive.

This week's image is of the Golden Lion was taken around 90 years ago but it first opened as a beerhouse in June 1867 when it must have been one of the first buildings on the Estcourt estate, the museum's volunteer archivist Christine Orchard believes.

Christine said: "The following year a licencing application was made and the area was described as a 'very rising neighbourhood' and that 'whole the estate would built over in the course of time'.

"In the late 1800s, the pub name was often mentioned in adverts in the Watford Observer as a place to apply to purchase 'a number of new sheep hurdles', and also where small auctions were held.

"Although the Golden Lion is a Benskin's pub in this 1930's photograph, it wasn't built for them as the company was not formed until November 1867 when Joseph Benskin bought the Cannon Brewery."

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