Watford’s mayor has joked that it may be time to "clean the pond" in the town centre after Watford took another step towards promotion.

Peter Taylor made the remark after responding to a question posed by a fans channel following the Hornet’s 2-0 victory over Reading last night.

The win – the club’s seventh in a row at home – took second-placed Watford 12 points clear of third placed Brentford, with the Championship season nearing its conclusion.

After the game, Twitter fans channel WD18 asked its followers for their 'three word reviews' of the game, racking up dozens of responses.

One reply stood out from the rest as the town’s mayor quipped: 'Better clean pond'.

The infamous pond in The Parade in the town centre has been the unlikely venue of many celebrations.

Pictures taken back in the twentieth century show joyous Hornets in the water and these scenes were repeated in 2015 when Watford won promotion back to the Premier League.

Watford Observer:

Watford fans celebrating in the pond after promotion in 1969

It certainly isn’t most people's idea of a party venue, but it certainly holds a place in the hearts of Hornets - and images six years ago showed fans dressed in yellow and partying in the pond.

And a video on YouTube shows a topless fan swimming across the pond while being cheered on by rather overzealous supporters.

The mayor’s good-humoured response last night was well received by Watford fans, some of whom have claimed they’ll be heading down to the pond again if the Hornets clinch an immediate return to the Premier League.

Even Watford’s official club mascot, Harry the Hornet, replied, asking if "fur was waterproof".

Watford Observer:

Another fan said they would look for their "snorkel", to which a fellow Hornet suggested a "hazmat suit" may be more appropriate.

Watford Council were tagged in the mayor’s tweet, with the account responding this morning to say "they were on it".

Other have questioned how many fans can fit in the pond while "socially distanced", with coronavirus regulations set to scupper major celebrations if Watford can secure promotion.

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Although the pond underwent maintenance last year, including new devices to control algae and capture debris, there have been reports over the last week that the pond is in need of a bit of love and attention again.