The full list of candidates for the upcoming county council elections have been released with every seat in the council up for grabs.

The Hertfordshire County Council election takes place on May 6, with existing councillors and new candidates vying for a place on the council for the next four years.

One county councillor is elected to represent an area of Hertfordshire – there are 78 in total – and they take on a host of responsibilities, on behalf of residents.

The county council has a responsibility for a number of Hertfordshire’s services, including the county’s schools, social care, recycling, public transport like buses, and roads.

The council is currently controlled by the Conservatives, with the Liberal Democrats providing the main opposition, followed by Labour.

Below is a list of candidates from our area vying to become a county councillor, and which political party they are representing. We have split the areas by district/borough.


Central Watford and Oxhey

Sophia Demetriou-Jones (Labour)

Stephen Giles-Medhurst (Liberal Democrats)

Joseph Gornicki (Conservative)

Mark Rutherford (Green Party)

Neal Webber (Reform UK)

Meriden Tudor

Stephen Cavinder (Liberal Democrats)

Prashanth Elangovan (Conservative)

Seamus Williams (Labour)

Nascot Park

Nabila Ahmed (Labour)

Linda Topping (Conservative)

Mark Watkin (Liberal Democrats)

North Watford

Dawn Allen-Williamson (Liberal Democrats)

Derek Foster (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against the Cuts)

Catherine Grinsted (Green Party)

Asif Khan (Labour)

Sarah Knott (Heritage Party)

Anthony Parker (Conservative)

West Watford

Nigel Bell (Labour)

Abbas Merali (Conservative)

Mark O'Connor (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against the Cuts)

Jennifer Pattinson (Liberal Democrats)

Woodside Stanborough

Nevin Atasoy (Labour)

Peter Williams (Conservative)

Tim Williams (Liberal Democrats)


Abbots Langley

Sara Bedford (Liberal Democrats)

Helena Farrington (Labour)

Andrew O’Brien (Conservative)


Andrew Gallagher (Green Party)

Jeni Swift Gillett (Labour)

Chris Lloyd (Liberal Democrats)

Tony Walker (Conservative)

Rickmansworth East and Oxhey Park

Reena Ranger (Conservative)

Alfie Roberts (Green Party)

Tom Smith (Liberal Democrats)

William Waite (Labour)

Rickmansworth West

Paula Hiscocks (Conservative)

Dmitri Macmillen (Green Party)

Sarah Nelmes (Liberal Democrats)

Charlotte Smith (Labour)

South Oxhey and Eastbury

Christopher Alley (Conservative)

Stephen Cox (Labour)

Chris Lawrence (Green Party)

Richard Shattock (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against the Cuts)

Rhys Ieuan Southall (Liberal Democrats)

Three Rivers Rural

Simon Diggins (Independent)

Ciaran Reed (Conservative)

Roger Stafford (Green Party)

Darren Steer (Labour)

Phil Williams (Liberal Democrats)


Bushey North

Laurence Brass (Liberal Democrat)

Elodie Mayo (Labour)

Jane West (Conservative)

Matt Wheeler (Green)

Bushey South

Eddy Canfor-Dumas (Green)

Seamus Quilty (Conservative)

Paul Richards (Liberal Democrats)

Sharan Sanghera (Labour)


Caroline Clapper (Conservative)

Alpha Collins (Labour)

Mandy McNeil (Liberal Democrats)

Paul Morse (Green Party)


Kings Langley

Rob Eilbeck (Labour)

Ashley Lawrence (Green Party)

Richard Roberts (Conservative)

Dominic Sokalski (Liberal Democrats)