The chief executive of Watford BID has urged people to use their “common sense” when out shopping following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Maria Manion says shoppers should also “show respect” to each other in stores as more people head back to High Street, with the town centre now back open for business.

The lockdown rules across England relaxed further on April 12, meaning shops, gyms and close contact services such as hairdressers are allowed to welcome people back after months of closure.

Bars, pubs and restaurants are allowed to serve customers outdoors, with groups limited to two households or by the 'rule of six'.

Speaking to Mayor Peter Taylor during a Facebook Live video on Friday, Mrs Manion urged people to continue sticking to the rules around distancing and wearing a face covering when shopping.

She added that in some cases retailers in the town have started to limit the number of people allowed in at any one time.

When asked what her advice to shoppers would be, Mrs Manion said: “I think it is to use common sense. If you see a product you want buy and there is somebody there, wait. It is likely that they are going to have other products in stock.”

She added: “So use common sense, don’t push, don’t shove and just show respect and remember also that if you are around people who might be slightly older, they might not have been out for a long time so they might be slower, just be kind to people and use a bit of common sense.

“Keep your mask on as well, I know how tempting it is if you want to smell something, you smell something, you pull your mask down and you forget about it. Don’t forget your mask.”

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Mrs Manion added that around 21 new business have opened in the town centre since March last year and that a few more are expected to open up as well.

While she said this was “positive”, Mrs Manion also encouraged people to come back to the High Street following months of closure.

She said: “What we need though is for local people to come in and use the services, use the shops and use the businesses.

“If you don’t use the services, they will go. It's about using the services and facilities you have in the town centre, so it is really important that people come back into the town centre.”