Shops are open once again and the Watford Observer has joined forces with Watford Borough Council to encourage people to shop local and support businesses that have been through such a challenging time in the past 12 months.

Offering a cheaper experience without compromising on the quality of service makes Underground Tattoos stand out as a business in Watford.

That’s the belief of the management off the tattoo and piercing shop located at 42, Market Street, in Watford.

Neil Jarrett has owned the business for 15 years, while Jamie Kelly has been manager of the shop for the past two years.

Jamie Kelly outside the studio in Market Street

Jamie Kelly outside the studio in Market Street

Jamie feels price is a significant factor in the success of the business.

He said: “We offer a cheaper experience for our customers but still maintaining high quality services. Normally piercings and tattoos are a lot more expensive with a high waiting list. We have four artists and a number or piercers who are all fully trained.

“I 've worked in a lot of studios since I was about 16 so I have a lot of experience within the industry. I run all the social media platforms, I deal with all customers and take the weight off the artists and piercers when they don't get the chance to do a certain task. In a nutshell, over-seeing and making sure the business runs smoothly.”

The Watford Observerr is supporting local

The Watford Observer supports local

Underground Tattoos attracts a lot of customers from London, as well as more locally, so benefits from its Watford location. Like all other businesses though, it has been forced to adapt how it operates as a result of the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic in the past year.

Jamie said: “We have followed all the rules with social distancing and spent a lot of money on screens and air purifiers.

“We did most of our consultations online via social media and also we moved to appointment only to reduce the amount of people attending the studio.”