Political sleaze is much like a vacuum cleaner; the workings of both tend to go round and round.

With our present government the hiring of Dominic Cummings was just the beginning. Here was a ruthless Machiavellian operator capable of using social media to devastating effect in securing the success of the Brexit campaign.

Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, was accused of cronyism in failing to disclose he and his family’s connection with the company Topwood which sought to secure NHS contracts.

David Cameron, no longer in government, sought to influence serving ministers regarding the company Greensill.

James Dyson, arch supporter of Brexit and purveyor of white goods including vacuum cleaners, has placed his manufacturing concerns in Singapore. When asked if he could supply ventilators to the UK he called Boris Johnson and demanded tax concessions for his workers coming to the UK. Boris Johnson of course failed to initially declare this.

There are reports that Johnson attempted to get donors to pay for his flat conversion at No.10. Dominic Cummings, of all people, has suggested this could be illegal.

Jonny Mercer, recently sacked by Johnson as a minister, has described the inner workings of the present government as a “deceitful, awful experience”.

Several individuals have confirmed that Boris Johnson did say he would rather see bodies stacked high than have another lockdown.

What intrigues me about this nightmare is just who are the people and electorate who are prepared to support such a ghastly amoral clique?

Francis Durham

Shepherds Way, Rickmansworth