Scenes of celebration around the Pond after Watford won promotion on Saturday will have been a sight that gladdened the hearts of many.

But those same scenes might stick in the throat for some after the treatment of women at a vigil in memory of Sarah Everard.

In pictures, almost all of those gathered at the vigil were wearing masks. Among those arrested, one woman was openly manhandled by officers.

Pictures and film from Watford on Saturday show almost nobody wearing masks, with police doing nothing to disperse those present.

A review said the Metropolitan Police had ‘acted appropriately’ at the Sarah Everard vigil, mentioning that officers faced abuse and hostility.

It should be remembered that an officer is accused of her murder - and that police at such events should be able to deal with a degree of provocation.

Obviously Hertfordshire Constabulary risked nothing on Saturday - provided they did not intervene.

Some might still conclude from this that police are more likely to use force when there is little chance of retaliation.

A committee of MPs said this week that every lockdown fine should be reviewed, saying the system was “muddled, discriminatory and unfair”.

The law should be seen to be applied to everyone equally.

Surely anyone fined for doing something someone else openly gets away with is entitled to their money back.