A dog owner says she wants to share her "deepest appreciation" with all those who gave up their time to catch her nervous missing dog.

Rescue dog Pip disappeared in Whippendell Woods in Watford on the evening of April 30.

Her family spent the evening trying to track her down in the woodland and were beginning to lose hope when they received a phone call from a man in Cassiobury Park, who had managed to grab hold of Pip.

Owner Sue Blackley said: "Apparently Pip was spotted running around the car park at Cassiobury Park and several people joined in to try and capture her with quick movements and treats! Pip is a very nervous dog, does not like strangers and gave them all the run around for, I was told, approximately two hours.

"Finally a gentleman, who was very nimble on his feet, kept on Pip’s case until the point of her tiring. Eventually she lay on the floor near a car and someone was able to grab her. Consequently they were able to read her tag and contact us."

Mrs Blackley says the man who had Pip kindly brought the pet round to them in Whippendell Woods.

Pip, pictured, was reunited with her worried family

Pip, pictured, was reunited with her worried family

She added: "I cannot tell you how much myself and my family appreciate what these fantastic people did to reunite Pip with us.

"I unfortunately did not get to meet the gentleman who returned her to us as I was still halfway around the horse track when he arrived, but I have spoken to him several times.

"He expressed it was a team effort and we want them to know just how grateful we are to them all."