A drink driver from Watford who hit a police car as he made a three point turn has been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds.

Conor O’Brien, of Hagden Lane, was found to be just over the drink drive limit following the incident in Field Way, Mill End, Rickmansworth, on October 10, 2020.

St Albans Magistrates’ Court heard that O’Brien’s partner had asked him to pick her up after having an argument with a friend. 

O’Brien, 24, had been drinking at home but drove his BMW to go and get his girlfriend before parking near a friend’s car, the court heard.

Police had noticed the cars and observed a conversation going on.

As they flashed their blue lights, O’Brien had made a three-point turn, clipping his friend’s car before hitting the police car as it edged closer.

An officer went over to O’Brien and placed him in handcuffs – he was later arrested for failing a road-side breath test.

At a police station it was found that the proportion of alcohol in his urine was 117mg of alcohol in 100ml – the legal limit is 107mg.

James O’Donnell, defending, said O’Brien went to pick up his girlfriend as she did not have enough money to get home herself.

He said O'Brien wanted to "diffuse" the situation following the argument his girlfriend had and was unaware of police when he parked near his friend.

Mr O'Donnell said O'Brien became "startled" by them and turned around, adding that there was no point of trying to get away and that the defendant knew he would be stopped.

He added that O'Brien paid for the damage of the car he clipped and that there was barely any damage to the police car, with no action taken over it.

Mr O'Donnell also said O'Brien would complete a drink driving course.

O’Brien pleaded guilty to consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in his urine exceeded the prescribed limit on Friday.

He was disqualified from driving for 14 months and was fined £350, with costs amounting the total to £469.