A man from Bushey has slammed rubbish pile-ups outside his flat that he claims reek so much he can no longer open his windows.

Jon O’Brien, 51, moved into a flat in Lambert Court six weeks ago but said he felt “deceived” after hearing the block has been plagued by rubbish build-ups for years.

He also said he has spotted rats scurrying around where children play, but his complaints to rental agency Akelius Residential Ltd, which owns the flat, have fallen on deaf ears.

The father-of-one said: “I moved into my flat on April 28 and feel deceived because the rubbish issue has been going on for years.

Watford Observer: Rats were seen scurrying aroundRats were seen scurrying around

“If I’d had known of this I would have never moved in.

“I was told by one bin man that the block needs two collections per week.

“Akelius Residential obviously doesn't wish to pay for this and improve the quality of the lives of their residents.”

Jon continued: “A few days ago I saw children playing in the rubbish.

“When I asked them to leave as it was dangerous three rats scurried out of the bin area after them.

Watford Observer: Rubbish overflowRubbish overflow

“Just think if the children would have got hurt or bitten.”

The situation has forced Jon to move in with his mother temporarily while he tries to get out of the contract.

However, Akelius’ manager Paul Grundy told the Observer that it “always takes care of its residents’ concerns and reacts promptly” – pointing to an inspection this week where bin stores were found clear.

He said: “The company has noticed an increased amount of waste at some properties as residents are working from home.

Watford Observer: Rubbish at Lambert Court residence, BusheyRubbish at Lambert Court residence, Bushey

“Additional private waste collections have been arranged to address this and regular inspections are carried out to ensure that properties are well maintained.

“Lambert Court was last inspected 27th May 2021 and 8th June 2021 - in both cases the property and bin stores were found to be clear."

Watford Observer: Photo taken by Akelius Residential LtdPhoto taken by Akelius Residential Ltd