A father of two who formerly suffered with a drug addiction has been recognised in a Father’s Day gift card campaign.

Nick Conn, who currently lives in Borehamwood after being raised in Watford, spent his lockdown supporting families with addiction, after overcoming his own dependency.

He used his Instagram and free Youtube therapy workshops to help families in similar situations to his.

Mr Conn’s background is not one of trauma, as he attended a grammar school in Watford and worked in a hotel before later applying for the Metropolitan Police.

Eventually, his undiagnosed ADHD and low self-esteem led to a pathway of drugs, and his situation spiralled until he ended up homeless in Berlin.

After his rehabilitation, it dawned on Mr Conn that he was privileged to get the help he needed, and many other people were not in the same situation.

The father then set up Help4Addiction, a free service to offer guidance that has helped more than 3,500 people.

Watford Observer: The father of two was praised for his workThe father of two was praised for his work

Mr Conn explained that during the lockdowns, there has been an increase in calls due to anxiety over Covid-19, their job security and other issues triggered under quarantine.

He said: “For me, being a dad was a big lifestyle change. My children were not the reason for going into recovery, but they are the reason for staying there.

“When my son Avery was born, I suffered from postnatal depression. It’s not something men admit to often, but when I got it out into the open I was able to get the help I needed.”

The work was recognised by the Watford Gift Card Father’s Day campaign, part of Watford BID’s efforts to support local businesses.