Do you have any family or friends who worked at Woolworths in Watford in the mid to late 1950s? You may recognise them in this picture and can help provide some information about them or the circumstances around which the photo was taken.

This image has been shared with the Watford Observer and Watford Museum by Mike Clifford, who believes there may be a number of families in the town who have links to the former High Street shop and may find the photo interesting, or it helps compliment any family history they are researching.

Mike was born in Watford but moved to Jaywick in Essex when he was six years old following the death of his father.

He now lives in Clacton-on-Sea but has retained a strong affinity for the town where he was born and remains a regular visitor.

Mike’s late mother, Jean Clifford, worked for FW Woolworths in High Street until about late 1958 when she left as she was expecting her son.

While looking through some of her old photographs, he came across one of the large group at what he believes may have been a long service or retirement event at the shop.

Mike said: “The photograph may have been taken by ‘The West Herts Post’, The Parade, Watford, as there is a stamp on the reverse with these details

“Both my late mother, and late aunt, who also worked for FW Woolworths are in the photograph, and so I would presume this photograph is of the shop employees

“From my own family history, and the fact the reverse of the photo, shows my late mum’s maiden name pencilled on it, I would say the photo was taken in 1956/57.”

Mike, who lived in Leavesden Road, and went to Callowland School for a short while before moving, has also shared some more pictures that you can see on this page.

Watford Observer:

A family photo taken possibly in Leavesden Road near to Callowland School

If you can tell us anything about them, please provide details via the link at the bottom of this page.

Watford Observer:

Mike believes this picture was possibly taken in Carpenders Park

Watford Observer:

This is possibly Harrow Way, Carpenders Park