Up to eight CCTV cameras are to be installed to tackle antisocial behaviour in an underpass.

The Church Road subway is very well-used, connecting housing estates with Watford Junction station.

But it is also a magnet for criminal behaviour like drug-dealing, street drinking, begging, and fighting - and councillors in the area have been working to resolve the issues.

Earlier this year, the railings were refurbished and the subway was deep-cleaned.

Now, engineers from Hertfordshire County Council have isntalled new LED lighting which will enable the council to install up to eight new CCTV cameras.

It is hoped the environmentally-friendly lights, funded by a £10,000 contribution via developers, will be up and running in a couple of weeks, with the CCTV to follow.

Watford Observer:

Nascot county councillor Mark Watkin said: "The new lighting will make walking a more attractive option for residents, making the underpass brighter, safer and more appealing to residents.

"The new lights will provide the extra lighting needed for the installation of the CCTV cameras that residents have asked for, creating a more welcoming environment for pedestrians.

"LED lights also use less energy and help contribute to the council’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030."

Watford Observer: Before and after shot of entrance and exit to Church Road subwayBefore and after shot of entrance and exit to Church Road subway

A final, third phase of the project, will see the installation of new cycle dismount barriers and art installations celebrating the area’s history.

Overall, the improvements at this subway will cost £45,000, funded by the county council and cash developers must part with as part of conditions associated with planning permission for applications.