According to Theresa May when she was Home Secretary, the first priority of government is the safety and security of its citizens. Notwithstanding this, the administration has abandoned its citizens to Covid-19 and come down heavily in favour of industry. Of course industry has many associations and other bodies to lobby successfully, people with Covid-19 and other illness have none, not Sage nor the Chief Medical Officer and certainly not the Minister of Health. However those people may find their voice at the next General Election.

Current infections are around 34,000 and growing exponentially - at least one minister suggests 100,000 by winter. Hospitalisations form a low percentage but could later be a high number sufficient to cause people with non-Covid illnesses to continue to suffer in silence.

To please the electorate, shades of ancient Rome, stadia and indoor events will be open to all with no restrictions, just an exhortation to act responsibly, whatever that is intended to mean. The majority of infections are among the young who will be in the crowds visiting stadia and indoor hospitality and other events so the Wembley final will lead to a big spike in infections.

It would be of interest to learn of West Hertfordshire Hospital NHS Trust’s plans for Watford General to combat the virus but it will probably be deemed confidential.

S. Friedman

By email