The Apprentice star Linda Plant has urged people to back a Bushey woman's business - adding "you've got my support".

Jeannie Donnelly, 53, set up a venture making bamboo beanie hats for people who lost their hair during cancer treatment - despite being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer herself.

The BBC star offered her top tips to Jeannie and hailed her "admirable" business, Jeannie Beanies, which gives 20 per cent of its proceeds to the Royal Marsden Cancer charity.

Linda said: “Your story is a story that people should support and promote - you’re selling an item which is nice and very wearable, and part of the profit is going to charity.

Watford Observer: Jeannie Donnelly with beanies from her business.Jeannie Donnelly with beanies from her business.

“It’s unusual when a terminally ill person wants to get into a business and is really thinking about life and not death and how you can carry on promoting your business. 

"That’s very admirable - how many people do that?

“I’m happy to come onto anything with you to help you and talk like I am now - you’ve got my support!”

Jeannie was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and has since lost her hair three times.

Watford Observer: Jeannie Beanie hatsJeannie Beanie hats

She said that wigs never worked for her and when she discovered bamboo she couldn’t believe how incredible it felt and looked.

Jeannie said: “It has been my life's work to get something out there.

“I’m terminal they say, but I believe you live every day for every day - it’s all about mindset.

“Stay positive and live your best life!”

The mother-of-four has also raised £1,000 for Cancer Research and hopes her venture will eventually support cancer charities worldwide.

Jeannie Beanie hats cost £25, of which £5 goes to the Royal Marsden Cancer charity.

To buy a hat click here.