An increase in people buying dogs during the Covid pandemic has brought with it a new problem in some parts of the county – overflowing dog litter bins.

In some areas there are reports that dog litter bins just aren’t big enough to cope with the increase in demand.

Three Rivers District Council is already reviewing where the bins are located – and whether they need to be increased.

On July 26, the issue was raised at a meeting of the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership.

Cllr Phil Williams pointed to the increase in dog ownership during the pandemic – and the ongoing review by the district council.

He said: "Dog litter bins have been overflowing left, right and centre. And there are people throwing dog poo bags into hedges and hedgerows.

"So we are reviewing those and probably putting some extra ones up."

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New research has revealed Watford as the top spot for dog adoption, in a breakdown of the UK locations with the most visits to dog shelter websites.

There were 12,799 average monthly site visits in July, according to kennel manufacturer Benchmark Kennels.

Cllr Tim Williams, representing Watford Borough Council, highlighted the "disgraceful behaviour" of those leaving litter in parks.

He said: "The parks are being heavily used at the moment – and there seems to be an endemic at the moment of just leaving litter around. It’s actually disgraceful behaviour."

Cllr Williams also noted that those who used the recycling bins in the park were failing to use them correctly.

He said: "…we are finding our recycling bins heavily contaminated, as if people don’t understand which bin to use – which I think is very unfortunate."