A LETTER published last week suggested that the coalition government (2010-2015) had put in place orders which will permit developers to act with total disregard to communities having their voices heard.

I recollect that the first such order was made in 1948 and over the years several more have been made. I also remember that there was a General Election in 2015 when the present Government took control.

Since then there have been 13 major alterations to the present 2015 order which brings us up to date with the latest changes. Including being able to change offices, light industry, health and leisure buildings to residential use subject only to a tick box exercise called ‘prior approval’. And the fee is £100 per home, and not £462, payable when making a planning application.

Last I remember one of the worst excesses, of allowing offices to convert to homes with no minimum space standards or natural daylight, was stopped following the Watford outcry about the Wellstones permission given on appeal.

I’m all for debate if based on the facts of the matter.

Roger Pidgeon

By email