The news that a historic building in Watford won't be knocked down has been warmly received by people across the town.

The Sun Clock Tower may not be as attractive as it was and ought to be, but Watford has a rich printing history that at the Observer, we are naturally very proud of and believe should be preserved.

We see many comments about the historical buildings that have been lost and there probably is a resentment from the older generation about the way in which Watford - and the rest of the world - is modernising.

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Reaction: Decision to save Sun Clock Tower from demolition welcomed

That's why our heritage must be protected where it can be - and thanks to the council and the Planning Inspectorate, this particular monument has been.

But now it is time to really show what this building means to Watford. There is no point in keeping this building intact if it is going to be left to rot or decline, as it has been allowed to do over the last couple of decades or so.

There are calls to restore this former pump house to its past glory. That doesn't mean returning it to its former use but it means showing the building the love that it deserves. That means restoring the clock mechanism and faces and renovating this distinctive Art Deco building to be the best it can be and become a genuine focal point for the area.

There's no reason this monument can't form part of any new development in this area but it is reliant on the owners and the council to ensure the Sun Clock Tower doesn't fall into another period of decay again.