Do you recognise anyone in this old Watford Observer photograph?

It was taken at the VE Day party in Maxwell Close, Mill End, Rickmansworth, in May 1945 and has been passed to Three Rivers Museum.

A number of the adults and children have already been identified, and the Museum is keen to fill in the gaps.

Were you there? Did you live there? Do you recognise any of the people? Your story is important as the museum works on its ‘what it was like to live and work round here’ project. You can contact the museum via email on

The museum has been granted the ‘Working towards Accreditation’ status.

Accreditation is an important step for a museum, showing that it meets the standards recognised by Arts Council England.

Chairman Fabian Hiscock said: “Three Rivers Museum has been doing a good job for over 30 years, but the way museums operate has changed a lot during that time.

“We’re developing fast, and we want to make sure that we’re not only doing what we should and what the public expects of us, but are also recognised for doing it.

“Achieving ‘Working towards Accreditation’ now is a great tribute to all the work that’s gone before, and we now have a couple of years to complete the steps leading to full accreditation.

“Now, with all these developments starting, is a great time to join the museum and help us with all the work we’re doing.”