There have been several occasions when parts of Watford have flooded this century but it is an issue that has affected the town for many years.

The Watford Observer has again teamed up with Watford Museum and is delighted to showcase some pictures from its archive - this week it is a picture of a horse and cart trying to make it through floodwater.

The museum's volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: "This photo shows one of the regular flooding events that occurred in Watford’s High Street.

"This time the section affected is from Clarendon Road and well into the Market Place - fortunately it isn’t too deep as the pavement on the far side is not covered.

"The horse and cart (with the driver sheltering under a large umbrella) is just coming up to Bucks, a confectioners and bakers, with their distinctive white shop front.

"Bucks were on the High Street for many years having started at a single small shop in the late 1800s.

"The photo was produced by Couper and Co who had premises on The Parade just before Clarendon Road."

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