Councillors have backed plans to knock down a building in the centre of Watford High Street for new flats and retail units.

Watford Borough Council’s planning committee voted to approve the redevelopment which will see 25 flats created.

The new plans will see a new part four, five and eight storey high building developed along High Street, with two locally listed buildings to the left of the Moon Under Water pub demolished.

On the High Street side, there will be two units that can be used as commercial space or as a pub or a bar, while the flats will be set back to avoid impacting the shopping street.

Access to the 25 apartments will be from Wellstones, with 16 one-bedroom units and nine two-bedroom units planned.

Watford Observer: The two buildings pictured that will be demolished. Credit: Stephen DanzigThe two buildings pictured that will be demolished. Credit: Stephen Danzig

Plans submitted by architects Nissen Richards Studio also say that there will be no affordable housing within the scheme, or car parking provision.

The developers have noted its location is within walking distance of the Overground, Metropolitan Underground line, and Watford Junction stations.

Objections submitted to the council had raised concerns about the height of the building, and the loss of history from the town centre.

Watford Observer: Watford High Street. Credit: Stephen DanzigWatford High Street. Credit: Stephen Danzig

However, officers said, "the buildings are not of an architectural or historic value that warrants retention as statutorily listed buildings" and there were significant benefits to the redevelopment.

The eight-storey part of the building will also be in keeping with a seven storey building on the adjacent side, and a recently approved nine storey building at 60 High Street.

Their report concluded: "On balance, this is considered to be a positive addition to the High Street and wider town centre".

Councillors approved the plans at a meeting on September 7.