Anthony Joshua is among hundreds of people to pay tribute to the owner of a takeaway shop who died of coronavirus.

Fayaz Ahmed died aged 42 at Watford General Hospital on Tuesday, September 7, after testing positive for Covid-19.

He was taken to hospital on August 28 with symptoms of the virus before it was later confirmed that he had contracted Covid-19.

He was the owner of XFC takeaway in Market Street and had also enjoyed going to the gym.

Fayaz’s brother-in-law Saj said he was loved by “so many different people”.

He said around 500 people turned up to Fayaz's funeral at North Watford Mosque on Wednesday, September 8.

He said: “He was loved by everyone in Watford. On the day of his funeral the whole of Market Street were talking about it.

“He was loved by so many people of different race and faith. I have never seen a funeral with so many people of different backgrounds.

“It’s a big loss.”

Boxing Champion Anthony Joshua, who is from Watford, also posted a message on his Snapchat account paying tribute to Fayaz.

Watford Observer: Anthony Joshua paid tribute to Fayaz on SnapchatAnthony Joshua paid tribute to Fayaz on Snapchat

He said: “A sad day for Watford but a blessing for the angels in heaven. Rest in paradise.”

Mourners and businesses within Market Street and Watford also paid their respect by placing flowers outside his takeaway shop.

Saj said that people had been saying Fayaz’s death was a “huge shock” and “unexpected loss”.

He added: “It’s not just a loss for the family but a huge gap now left in Watford.”

Fayaz leaves behind his two children, 16 and 14, as well as his wife Shazia.