NEW: Temporary traffic lights that have brought chaos to Watford are in WRONG PLACE

A set of roadworks which have been causing chaos on Watford's ring road have remained in place this morning.

This is despite assurances from Cadent Gas that the temporary four-way lights would be gone by last night (Tuesday).

Hertfordshire Highways, which is part of Hertfordshire County Council, also tweeted to frustrated drivers yesterday that Cadent's permit had been revoked.

However, drivers have once again reported being stuck in queues on the ring road today (Wednesday), with the temporary lights in place at the junction with Clarendon Road.

Watford Observer:

Hertfordshire Highways has been asked via Twitter to confirm the current status but have so far ignored requests to allow us to update readers officially.

As of 8.50am, there were queues on the ring road from the A411 around to Clarendon Road.

There have also been reports of other traffic lights out in the town centre.

As a result, motorists are advised to avoid the town centre if possible and expect delays into Watford.

There was major disruption on Watford's ring road all day yesterday - and the previous night - because of the four-way traffic lights.

Yesterday morning, some of the worst traffic Watford has seen in recent times was experienced, with motorists reporting being stuck in delays of more than an hour in the town centre, while bus services were also severely disrupted.

Queues even stretched as far back as the M1 at junction 5 with Stephenson Way at a standstill.

We were told by a Cadent spokesperson that the work the gas company was carrying out had now been completed.

The work was to disconnect the gas supply at Hannay House in Clarendon Road, which is set to be demolished and redeveloped.

She added the temporary lights would be removed by the end of the day.

It is unclear whether it is Cadent or the council's responsibility to remove the temporary lights. 

Watford Observer: Junction of Watford ring road and Clarendon Road. Credit: Stephen DanzigJunction of Watford ring road and Clarendon Road. Credit: Stephen Danzig


Earlier that day, a spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council told the Observer its network management team has been in contact with Cadent Gas this morning and told them workers need to either "change the way they are managing the traffic or remove their works by the end of the day".

Then they responded to driver on Twitter on Tuesday lunchtime: "We have been advised that @CadentGasLtd have been requested to remove all Traffic Management on site and their permit has been revoked."

The work initially had a permit until September 17, according to traffic data management website One Network, but these details have now disappeared from the website.