Former Watford and England boss Graham Taylor said "I will" to make a dream wedding come true for Nigel Bristow and Glennis Tuttle.

Taylor agreed to the the best man at the couple's wedding at the White House Hotel in Watford even though he had only previously met Nigel once at a book signing ceremony in a shop back in June.

Nigel, a life-long Watford fan, passed the football pundit a hand-written note inviting him to be best man at the ceremony, and was amazed three months later to get a positive response.

Shocked wedding photographer Martin Smith said: "I've been doing weddings for 18 years but this was a first.

"When I first met them I asked if they had a best man.

"They looked at each other, laughed and said yes, it's Graham Taylor'.

"I said what, the Graham Taylor?' - I couldn't believe it when they told me the story.

"Basically he told them if you're mad enough to ask me then I'm mad enough to say yes'. I just can't believe he said yes.

"I believe it's the first time he's ever agreed to be a best man as well."

The happy couple, both from Norfolk, only chose Watford as a venue because of their allegiance to the football club.

Their day didn't go entirely to plan, however.

After a yellow, black and red themed ceremony the pair hurried to Vicarage Road but watched in horror as the team slumped to a dismal 4-2 defeat against Queens Park Rangers.

After the ceremony Taylor explained: "I got the letter and I thought I knew what was coming. I thought I'd be asked to do a video message but to my surprise he wanted me to be his best man. I sat down with my wife and agreed to do it.

"I had been invited down to see the QPR game anyway so I went back after the game and made a best man speech for a man I'd never met and a bride I'd never seen.

"Don't ask me how I got away with it but I managed it.

"This was a one off and I'm not being best man for anybody else!

"The sheer cheek of it just tickled my senses."