The police have requested a venue is revoked of its licence after officers responded to repeat noise complaints, parking disputes, and fights.

Officers want constraints put on Riverside Mansions in Hunton Bridge, which drew hundreds of revellers in July.

A licensing committee at Three Rivers District Council will meet at 10am on Tuesday to decide whether to approve Hertfordshire Constabulary's demands.

Police Sergeant Luke Mitchell, who has requested the review of the premises' licence, says there has been "significant public disturbance and disorder" connected to the venue off Old Mill Road and that police have "serious concerns" about public safety, nuisance, and crime and disorder.

Police received calls to four incidents at Riverside Mansions in July, according to council papers that will be presented to the committee on Tuesday.

On Saturday July 3, when England were playing Ukraine at Euro 2020, police were called to Old Mill Road to reports of a "large crowd, loud music and dangerous parking" with up to 250 people in attendance.

Papers state the scene in the street was described as "complete mayhem" with pedestrians in the road, vehicles parked on the pavement, and taxi drivers attempting to turn around.

On Sunday July 11 - the night of the Euro 2020 final - officers were forced to return to Riverside Mansions after the problems from the previous weekend reoccurred. Police say they had to close Old Mill Road, which is a narrow street, because of the state of the parking, adding noise from the event was "booming".

Watford Observer: Old Mill Road pictured at the junction with The Maltings. Credit: Google MapsOld Mill Road pictured at the junction with The Maltings. Credit: Google Maps

Four days later, a meeting was held involving the police and council, and the designated premises supervisor at Riverside Mansions was "spoken to and advised to take action to address concerns".

A warning letter was issued to Riverside Mansions the following day which stated the venue had breached six conditions attached to the premises licence it had been granted in November last year.

Despite the warning, around 300 people attended the venue the next day, which was an event not connected to any football match.

PS Mitchell, from the Three Rivers community safety unit, said in his licensing review application Old Mill Road "wasn't at congested" on July 17 but nearby roads had been parked up.

There were reports of "abusive language" in the street with around 20 people involved in a fight.

PS Mitchell said drivers were beeping their horns and an officer's foot was run over by a fleeing suspected drink driver. Multiple police units attended the scene in Old Mill Road to deal with the level of disorder, including armed police.

On July 22, police were called to The Maltings, which is near Riverside Mansions, to reports of a parking dispute involving people who said they were filming at the venue.

The following day, police publicly announced it had secured a closure order for Riverside Mansions for the upcoming weekend, but PS Mitchell said he was looking at a "longer-term solution".

Watford Observer: Marked in red is Riverside Mansions. Credit: Google/Three Rivers District CouncilMarked in red is Riverside Mansions. Credit: Google/Three Rivers District Council

The application to review the licensing of Riverside Mansions was made on July 23 and validated by the council on August 3.

Tuesday's meeting will be an opportunity for members of the council's sub-licensing committee to consider the concerns raised by police, the council's environmental health team, and 35 residents.

Riverside Mansions was granted a licence in November last year that allows them to serve alcohol and play music until 12.30am everyday, with an extra hour in the summer.

Council papers state the original licensing application presented to the council last year portrayed Riverside Mansions as a "small wedding venue" - but PS Mitchell says it "appears the property is now being used for parties".

Summing up concerns, the application states: "There were numerous noise nuisance complaints from music, parking causing a danger to other road users and pedestrians, reports of crime and disorder and public disturbance, damage to a local resident’s vehicles and several breaches of the conditions of the premises licence.

"As a result, the police request that the premises licence be reviewed and that revocation take place."