Protesters have again brought junctions of the M25 to a standstill after doing so twice last week. Their aim? To get politicians to insulate more homes.

It doesn't take a genius to see that the thinking may not be very joined up here. Very few of those made late or held up in traffic will go home and write angry letters to their MPs, at least about home insulation.

It's a shame because few would disagree with Insulate Britain's cause. It would create jobs, help reduce energy bills for the poorest and most vulnerable and also cut emissions over years to come. One of their protesters called it a "win-win-win".

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The Government scrapped its green homes grant earlier this year, and a replacement is rumoured to be due.

Making life difficult for and annoying the very people you want to win over to put pressure on the Government, while at the same time causing many to sit with their engines idling, is indirect action at its most ineffective. A lose-lose, you might call it.

So, at risk of inciting... something, let's see the protesters come up with something a bit better.

Find a means of demonstrating that is eye-catching, grabs headlines, embarrasses a few politicians, is legal - or at least safe - and is not counterproductive. It might just work, and then everyone will be happy.