Insulate Britain says that their campaign “goes on” despite a High Court Injunction.

The campaign group that has shut down parts of the M25 five times in just over a week have suggested that their blockages may continue.

Today, news broke that an injunction was granted against M25 protesters, meaning that activists face contempt of court with possible imprisonment if they flout the new rules.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said the “important injunction” means “people can get moving again” on the M25.

“We will not tolerate lives being put at risk,” she said.

“Those who continue to do so risk imprisonment.”

However despite the Government warning of further action being taken to stop protesters, Insulate Britain have issued a statement that the campaign goes on.

They said: “We understand that an injunction was granted against Insulate Britain in the High Court last night.

“We do not know the terms of the injunction and right now our campaign goes on.

“We appreciate that Priti Patel is in a difficult position. Like her, our biggest concern is law and order and our national security. In focusing on us, Priti Patel is missing the bigger picture.”

The campaign group continued: “Currently 8,500 people a year die unnecessarily in the UK because of their frozen homes and climate collapse presents an incalculable threat to our way of life.

“A more measured way in which she could discharge her ministerial responsibility would be to ask the prime minister to start the process of insulating Britain's leaky homes. As soon as the government makes a meaningful statement that we can trust, we will leave the motorway.”