A smell of “rotten eggs” pervading Chorleywood Bottom has caused people to fear for their health and suffer months of dizziness.

Three neighbours slammed Thames Water over what they claimed was “gross negligence” in dealing with the stench.

It has reportedly been affecting the area from Chorleywood Bottom through to Capell Way, Lower Road, Quickley Lane, Hillside and Berks Hill in Chorleywood.

Father-of-three Michael Muir said: “It’s how I imagine hell to smell like – I didn’t know such a smell existed.

"I’m changing baby nappies every day and that smells like roses in comparison.”

Watford Observer: The area affected, as outlined by one of the neighboursThe area affected, as outlined by one of the neighbours

He claimed during the summer an engineer said they may need to clean the whole line and that the “rotten eggs” smell could be hydrogen sulphide.

Mr Muir added he has been “literally chewing on the fumes” in his garden and has never experienced such persistent dizziness.

“We obviously aren’t being singled out for living in Chorleywood so this must be the experience across the whole region they serve,” he added.

Kate Butler, of Capell Way, said different Thames Water engineers keep finding no specific issue and closing the case but a thorough investigation is needed.

Watford Observer: Capell Road, ChorleywoodCapell Road, Chorleywood

She continued: “The smell is most likely to be hydrogen sulphide - that rotten egg type of smell.

“It is toxic and dangerous to human health.

“They dabbled with a drain clean in Chorleywood Bottom at the beginning of September but that did absolutely nothing to improve the situation.”

District and county councillor Phil Williams also said he was “extremely disappointed” by how Thames Water was acting locally.

The Three Rivers member added: "Our officers have visited the area and witnessed the odour for themselves.

"We have written to residents informing them that we are seeking urgent engagement from Thames Water to resolve this as quickly as possible and will continue to keep the pressure on them.”

A Thames Water spokesperson said it was aware of residents’ concerns but gas level tests did not pick up any hydrogen sulphide.

They added: “We’re aware of reports about a smell in Chorleywood Bottom and understand how unpleasant this can be for residents.

“Following these reports our engineers cleaned and sent cameras down part of our sewer network, which found no issues.

“We visited the area again on Wednesday night (September 22) to clean and investigate a further section of the network.

“There we found a blockage, which was contributing to the smell and cleared this.”