Unauthorised bike trails and jumps created by mountain bikers will be removed from Whippendell Wood as part of a five-year restoration project.

Watford Borough Council says the removal will begin on October 6, after bikers created these unauthorised routes over the years.

According to the council, the unauthorised work has compacted and eroded the soil and tree roots, damaging the woodland floor.

Watford Observer: Unauthorised bike routes will be removedUnauthorised bike routes will be removed

It is part of the ‘Ancient Woodland Restoration Project’ which aims to retain Whippendell Wood’s ‘favourable condition’ status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The removal will also help control the spread of ash decline.

After, the council is also working with Bike Park Chilterns to find a new alternative location to for new mountain bike trails outside the protected woodlands.

It will be removing unauthorised jumps and tracks from the woodland alongside its partnership with Bike Park Chilterns to find a new location for the new bike trails.

Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, said: “Whippendell Wood is a real gem which is enjoyed by thousands of people each year. However, there is work to be done to make it a healthy woodland to ensure we protect this Site of Special Scientific Interest.

“Woodlands need to be managed sensitively to ensure they can be enjoyed by future generations and this means working with Bike Park Chilterns to relocate their mountain biking tracks from this protected woodland.

“The ‘Restoration Project’ and repositioning of the trails will help us to keep the woods healthy for many more years, as well as providing some great new biking facilities.”