Like many places around the UK over the weekend Watford was affected by motorists going out to panic-buy petrol due to reports of potential shortages.

The lack of HGV drivers transporting the fuel had seen some BP forecourts forced to shut, leading to drivers forming long queues at many petrol stations.

Long queues were caused by motorists waiting for their turn at the pump from Friday (September 24)

This continued into Sunday causing gridlock on major roads, and has stretched into a fourth day in Watford.

As a result of the UK-wide panic-buying, the AA had encouraged drivers not to be over-zealous in their pursuit for fuel.

AA president Edmund King had said on Friday: “There is no shortage of fuel and thousands of forecourts are operating normally with just a few suffering temporary supply chain problems.

"Drivers should not fill up outside their normal routines because, even if the occasional petrol station is temporarily closed, others just down the road will be open."

If you’re looking to fill up your car responsibly in Watford here is a list of the petrol stations in the town that are open for 24 hours.

Where are the 24-hour petrol stations in Watford?

Asda - Asda Watford

BP - Wiggenhall Road

Esso - 112 St Albans Road

Esso - Elsetree Hill

Sainsbury's - Cow Lane

Shell - St Albans Road

Buy fuel as normal

The government continue to urge the public to buy fuel as normal, and to not panic stock.

A Government spokeswoman said: “There is no shortage of fuel in the UK, and people should continue to buy fuel as normal.

“We recognise the challenges facing industry and have already taken action to increase the supply of HGV drivers, including streamlining the process for new drivers and increasing the number of driving tests.

“We continue to closely monitor labour supply and work with sector leaders to understand how we can best ease particular pinch points.”